I am not a poet. I don’t know the ‘correct’ way to write poetry. I don’t know about rhythm and stanzas and beats and forms and all of those things that experts say makes a good poem. I don’t normally write poems. But I am a writer. And things inspire me. And yesterday as I was sitting down to write, I felt things within me. Not stories or worlds or characters or all of the normal things that come to my brain when I sit down to write, but poems.

So I wrote. Three poems actually.

At first they were poems no one else was going to see. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I would share. Because me writing poems is pretty out there. And I was so worried about sharing because I don’t have the right form or it’s not the correct beat (I don’t really know what an expert might say about it). But this was the poem that was in my heart.

And I realized that so many times we don’t try new things or celebrate that we are trying new things because we are too afraid of what other people might say. I remember, when I first started riding trials motorcycles at 30, I received a lot of crazy looks from my co-workers at the time. I specifically remember my boss going “What would make you start doing something like that?” Not in curiosity or wondering, but like I had done something wrong. Like there was some rule that people over 30 don’t ride motorcycles. They especially don’t start riding them. Yet if I had listened to them, I would have stopped and missed out on some of the best times of my life. But I can also point out a thousand more times where I did just that. I let someone else’s opinion of me, or the fear of what their opinion would be, stop me.

I think, especially for me, I get so wrapped up in what other people think and feel that I forget that I’m doing this for me. So that I can be happy. I’m doing something I don’t normally try, and having fun doing it. What they think doesn’t really matter to me.

This poem is mine. It is a piece of me. A piece of my soul upon the paper. Oh, if someone has a constructive criticism, I welcome it! I always want to know how I can improve, how I can get better. I’m just not going to be afraid to share doing something new just because it doesn’t ‘play by the rules’ or someone may not like it.

Don’t hold back from doing something new or sharing your efforts to learn something because you are afraid of people’s opinions. Because for every one person who will criticize you, are a hundred others who are supporting you for trying.

So here’s one of the poems. Enjoy!


I watch the caterpillar emerge from its cocoon

But safe to say that it is no more

There is a new creature before me now, no hint of the old

The shadows of its past locked safely deep inside

The husk that is born away by the wind

With no more thought to that which it leaves

It takes flight to find its destiny

Searching the heavens on kaleidoscope wings

Descending to earth to drink from candy colored beauty

It thinks no more of being bound to the earth

Only to how high it can fly

Its thoughts turn naught to worries or fears

But to the next flower it might find

For it has shed all it was to become

All it will ever be

A creature born of beauty, a splash of color in the breeze

Reveling in the sun, in all it has been made

For the caterpillar is no more now, no more than a remembered dream

For this is a grand new creature, given its promised wings

To that I would hatch from my own cocoon

The caterpillar left behind

The ghosts and scars forgotten, their grip on me no more

With crystal wings I rise, into the heavens soar

For today I am the butterfly, who I was left behind

All I am is beauty, who I was meant to be inside.